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Problems of blood pressure - the most common disruption of the cardiovascular system.

Problems of blood pressure - the most common disruption of the cardiovascular system. It is the ailments of the heart muscle and blood vessels that take the greatest number of lives along with diabetes. According to statistics, 40% of men and women after 30 years of age suffer from BP, in the age after 60 years, the percentage of patients - more than 60%. In addition, diseases every year begin to affect people at a younger age. The biggest danger is that not all cardiovascular disorders manifest themselves as symptoms.

What are the problems with blood pressure?

Increased pressure (hypertension). This disease is diagnosed if, when measuring blood pressure by a tonometer, the upper indicator is greater than 140 mm Hg. Art. Often, the diagnosis is inherited. Therefore, people who have problems with increased blood pressure should have a tonometer. Symptoms of hypertension: dizziness and headache, fatigue. The disease develops slowly, patients may not suspect for a long time of the threat to health and the risk of stroke.

Arrhythmia – Can occur as a consequence of hypertension, is characterized by a failure in the number of contractions of the heart muscle. Atrial fibrillation is the most dangerous form. The peculiarity of the disease is that it can pass asymptomatically, the patient does not know about the disease before the attack. During an exacerbation, there may be chest pain, shortness of breath, panic attacks, loss of consciousness. If you do not find out in time and do not start treatment, atrial fibrillation can cause a stroke.

Low blood pressure (hypotension) – а more rare form of pressure problems, when the systolic pressure drops below 90 mm Hg. Art. Symptoms: weakness, apathy, dizziness, pallor.

Why do you have problems with blood pressure?

People after 30 years begin to often feel headaches, a feeling of apathy, heightened sensitivity to weather changes. Negative influence on the state of the cardiovascular system is exerted by stress, great physical or mental stress, and malnutrition. To determine the presence of problems with blood pressure, daily blood pressure should be measured.

People aged 40-50 years begin to show signs of atherosclerosis and hypertension. The pressure is constantly elevated, and therefore the patient does not pay attention to the symptomatology.

After 50 years, the emergence of hypertension is almost inevitable - this is the natural process of aging.

How to solve the problem of blood pressure?

The most important thing is to monitor the indicators of your pressure and diagnose the problem with the cardiovascular system in time, especially when there are no symptoms of the disease. Therefore, you need to carefully choose a tonometer taking into account its accuracy, technical characteristics and functions. This will help to maintain health and not to learn what is heart attack, stroke and other complications.

For example, a Swiss tonometer Microlife BPA6 PC Has the function Afib is a built-in detector for early recognition of atrial fibrillation. The tonometer automatically checks the heart for the presence of a problem during each pressure measurement, allowing timely detection of the pre-sultanal state, often asymptomatic.

The accuracy of the function Afib is comparable to the accuracy of the ECG and is 98%. Doing an electrocardiogram daily at home is impossible, and a tonometer is always at hand. Independent regular monitoring of the body for the appearance of atrial fibrillation helps prevent three of the four strokes, which means saving lives.

The difference of this device is high measurement accuracy and unique functions that none of the similar manufacturers in the world have. The Swiss company Microlife is one of the few companies that actually conduct clinical trials in cooperation with leading medical research institutes. Microlife devices have the highest accuracy class of A / A in accordance with international protocols.

Who shouldbuy a tonometer with a functionAfib?

  • People after 30 with poor health and high blood pressure, relatives of whom suffered a stroke or heart attack
  • patients who underwent myocardial infarction, to monitor the condition
  • doctors to monitor antiarrhythmic and antihypertensive therapy in patients
  • all people after 60 for self-control of their health at home

Microlife BP A6 PC – an effective way to preserve health and extend life to those we love. Do not forget to purchase the device for yourself and your parents!