GUM ORIGINAL WHITE, 75 ml toothpaste

    Сountry Japan Manufacturer GUM
  • Restores the natural whiteness of teeth, gently caring for the gums.
  • Contains fluoride 1490 mg / dm3 and isomalt for enhanced remineralization of tooth enamel.
  • Physical action: gently removes surface pigmentation due to the high cleaning effect of non-abrasive silica.
  • Chemical action: a unique patented Stain Clear substance that does not cause pigmentation, dissolves stains and forms a protective film against repeated plaque without using strong bleaching / chelating agents.
  • Specially highly purified micronized silica, microbubble foam (particle bubbles about 3 microns) in combination with large particles of bubbles (10 microns) for maximum contact with the tooth surface helps to carefully remove pigmentation without destroying the enamel.
  • Vitamin E + provitamin B5 nourishes and heals gum tissue.
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