Dear customer!

We are glad to inform you that, in accordance with Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On defending the rights of citizens”, you no longer need to demand a paper warranty card from sellers.

By registering the TM Vega and TM Microlife product you purchased on our website, you get a full, official warranty from the Manufacturer and access to operational documents for the product (operating instructions) in electronic form.


Products must be officially imported into Ukraine and labeled in Ukrainian in accordance with applicable law.

When contacting our service center, be sure to present the original payment document for the goods. The consumer`s requirements regarding medical devices and relatively complex household goods are considered after the consumer presents a settlement document provided for by the Law of Ukraine "On the registration of registrars of rozrahunkovy operations in the sphere of trade, public eating and services" (cash receipt, sales receipt, expense receipt, settlement receipt, electronic settlement document, etc.)

To obtain warranty information electronically, please complete the form below:

Registration system and appearance of guarantee goiter

Please fill out the form carefully. Otherwise, you may be denied warranty service.