Microlife at the All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference on family medicine

The All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference on Family Medicine were held in Dnepr on June 1-2, which covered the urgent issues of the health care system reforming and the prospects for the development of family medicine in Ukraine.
The scientific program included reports, master classes and lectures on topical techniques that should be introduced into the work of a primary level doctor.

Particular attention was paid to the diagnosis and treatment of socially significant diseases, reducing the incidence of disability and mortality. First of all, it, certainly, concerns cardiovascular diseases. In this context, the report “Microlife AFIB – technology of early detection of atrial fibrillation, prevention of stroke” was especially interesting.

Doctors highly appreciated the technology developed by the Swiss company Microlife. This is the only technology at the market of blood pressure monitors that allows screening of atrial fibrillation during each measurement of blood pressure at home. Atrial fibrillation is the most dangerous violation of the heart rhythm and is a warning of a stroke. Timely diagnosis allows you to start treatment on time and reduce the risk of stroke by 68%.