GUM TM participated in the main dental event of the year - the 78th dental Kiev Forum of ADU and the exhibition MEDVIN: Stomatology

The event was held from 13 till 16 of September in the exhibition center KyivExpoPlaza.

More than 200 companies, representing dental products of the companies from 19 countries of the world and Ukraine, participated in the exhibition.

In the framework of the ADU forumProfessor of Dental Hygiene at the Sapienza University of Rome, the author of a large number of articles on the prevention of oral diseases, the speaker of a number of national and international specialized forums - Gianna Maria Nardi made the report "Tailored Brushing Method (TBM): an innovative simple protocol to improve the oral care and interdental cleaning".

A special emphasis in her speech was made on the use of interdental means of "GUM" TM.

Gianna Maria Nardi came to Ukraine for the main dental event of the year not empty- handed; she brought pictures that she presented to the president of the Association of Private Practice Dentists of Ukraine - Tarawneh Shaker Jamil.

But this is not all gifts from "GUM" TM: all visitors of the exhibition and participants of the seminar could participate in the prize drawing. The lucky ones received the kits of GUM Activital.

At the booth it was possible to purchase the medical and preventive products, as well as to obtain the samples of products of "GUM" TM.