GUM Trav-Ler 1.6 mm interdental brushes

    Manufacturer GUM Сountry Japan
  • Proven efficiency removes 25% more plaque due to its innovative triangular bristle shape (compared to traditional nylon fiber).
  • Antibacterial protection of bristles prevents the formation of bacteria in the intervals between uses (patented bristles treated with chlorhexidine).
  • Reduces the likelihood of injury and does not allow damage to tooth enamel thanks to the coating applied to the wire and the rounded tip of the brush handle, which provides protection for the gums
  • New modern ergonomic handle design provides maximum comfort and control thanks to a flexible, elongated handle with a non-slip insert.
  • The neck of the brush, bendable by 45 ° -90 ° рrovides easy access to the teeth of the rear row
  • Improved hygiene with cover рrotecting the interdental brush and extending the handle
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