GUM at the biggest dental exhibition MEDVIN:Stomatology

On September, 5-7 our team took part in the biggest dental exhibition MEDVIN:Stomatology, that took part at KyivExpoPlaza.

TM GUM took part in the dental exhibition and conference Kharkov Dental Days 2018

The event was held on June 14-16 in Premier Palace Hotel Kharkov. Dental Days is a unique combination of a dental conference and a profile exhibition, a mix of training and presentations of new dental products in the atmosphere of professionals and world stars of dentistry!

Microlife Tonometers - Choice of the year 2017

A second time Microlife blood pressure monitors got the highest award from Ukrainian customers.

Microlife выступил партнером XVIII Национального конгресса кардиологов Украины.

Мероприятие проходило в Киеве 20–22 сентября 2017 г.

GUM TM participated in the main dental event of the year - the 78th dental Kiev Forum of ADU and the exhibition MEDVIN: Stomatology

The event was held from 13 till 16 of September in the exhibition center KyivExpoPlaza.
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